About Us

SwimmerZone was born to help every swimmer in the world develop their maximum physical potential. Our main mission, our obsession, is to help swimmers find solutions to the problems they have in planning their training: What do I do today?; How can I improve my performance?; I'm tired of doing the same routine over and over again; How do I know if I'm getting better?.

By offering answers to those questions, SwimmerZone is the ideal partner for all swimmers, especially those who do not have a personal trainer.

The company was founded by four partners – friends, swimmers, coaches - passionate about this sport. Taking all our years of experience, plus the valuable contribution of other swimmers, coaches and triathletes, we have developed a professional quality training program that will assure the achievement of your sport goals.

We strongly believe in having a healthy life, sharing it with the people we love, and committing ourselves to our work and obtaining results. That is why we enjoy so much developing this project and we are convinced this is the way to make a great product.

Lastly, we know that every swimmer is unique. That's why our training system was designed in a way that each routine is tailored to your specific needs, whatever your level, age and style are. We are committed to provide you a superior training experience.

This is our starting point. We would love you to try it and send your feedback.

Unleash your potential and join us!!

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